Plenty of Aussies love to tip

So we’ve made a platform for Australian Hospitality where customers can tip big or small, and who they want. No more awkward eftpos moments!


Sign your team up for free today, display your team’s QR & watch as your team is rewarded for their best work.


Whether it’s for an end of year party or to cover breakages, businesses who take a % of tips as a rule, just ask us about our built-in House fee feature.


For more information:

Customers get to meet your whole team
Your free Business Manager app offers quick controls to maintain your team profile. New hire? Add them to the team. Had to fire? Take them off. Easy!
Everyone has a role
You as boss get to name the roles. Head Chef, Souper Chef, Chef De Party? Your team profile can be as serious or fun as you want it to be.
Tips for everyone
We've designed what we call "House Fee". It allows you as boss to set a percentage on all tips for your team, to come to the house instead. Your customers, and staff, are made aware of the House fee, providing full transparency...
It's only happy customers on Satisfy
The ones who tip your team must already be happy! Once they send a tip, your customers can also offer feedback or praise to you through your Business Manager app. It's like a private conversation with your best customers.
Customers can tip individuals, or teams
Sometimes the food is the best, sometimes it's the service. Breaking your team into team units like 'Kitchen' or 'Front of House' can offer your customers an easier way to express their gratitude.

If you’d like to get started right away, you can! Just follow these simple steps.


Step 1: Get the Business Manager App

Step 2: Create your profile on the Manager app, it only takes 2 minutes (no costs involved)

Step 3: Invite your staff through the app (we can help you with this)

Step 4: Display your branded QR (we can help you with this too)


We are available on Livechat & Email Support if you’ve got any questions.

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