Tips, no cash necessary.

If your customers are happy, why not let them decide who gets the tip?
Here’s how it works…

First, customers need to be able to find you
Satisfy was created for you, your business, and all of your staff. It’s really easy for everyone to get on board.
From there, a lot is possible
You can present your business and staff exactly how you like, right on brand.
You can set a House Fee % on tips
Every business is different. Some like to split all tips down the middle. Others like for everyone to be recognised individually. Whatever your preference, it’s all possible on Satisfy.
Customer feedback direct to your inbox
This is for customers to let you know how they enjoyed everything.
You can chat with them if you’d like
Once a customer leaves feedback, the lines are open and you can nurture that relationship however you’d like.
Recognition for your team/s.
Creating teams for your customers gives them the chance to applaud the service they really enjoyed.
Would you like to give it a try? It’s free.
We’ve made it seriously simple to start earning tips right away. Just get in touch with us on the live chat to learn how to get started.
Ready to get started?
The Business Manager App is available on iOS & Android.
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