Do you own or manage a cafe or restaurant?
We have a new way to connect you to your customers.

Here’s how it works…

First, customers need to be able to find you
Satisfy was created for you, your business, and all of your staff. It’s really easy for everyone to get on board.
From there, a lot is possible
The better you present you and your team on Satisfy, the better your impression on your very best customers. Why do we know they’re your best? Because they’re tipping you.
You can set a House Fee % on tips
Every business is different. Some like to split all tips down the middle. Others like for everyone to be recognised individually. Whatever your preference, it’s all possible on Satisfy.
Customer feedback direct to your inbox
You’ll want to be reading these messages. At worst you might receive constructive criticism, and at best an outpouring of gratitude. This is for customers to let you know how they enjoyed everything.
You can chat with them if you’d like
What’s the point of feedback if you don’t get to chat with them about it. Once a customer leaves feedback, the lines are open and you can nurture that relationship however you’d like.
Recognition for your team/s.
Let’s be honest. Sometimes, the kitchen does an amazing job, and the service fails. Creating teams for your customers gives them the chance to applaud what they really enjoyed.
Would you like to give it a try? It’s free.
We’ve made it seriously simple to start earning tips right away. Just download the Business Manager app, create an account, and invite your staff within the app. That’s it, done!
Get the Business Manager app
We figured since you chat to your friends on your phone, it makes sense to chat to your customers in the same way. Business Manager is now available on iOS & Android. Get the free app

It's easy & free to be on Satisfy

Setting up new apps can be a pain, but Satisfy is a delight. You and your staff will be making tips in no time.


Just follow these three steps:


Step 1. Download the Business Manager app & Create your FREE business profile.


Step 2. We will contact you to verify your details, and make sure you’re all ready to go.


Step 3. Invite your staff OR approve their requests to work at your business.


That’s it! The next two steps are optional.


– You can request for the optional House Fee which is a percentage on all tips.


– Setting up Teams can incentivise groups of your staff to work harder to please.

To find out more,

you’ll have to message the boss

To find out more, you’ll have to message the boss

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